Poetry of Ralph Waldo Emerson part 1- ALPHONSO OF CASTILE

August 1, 2011 - 2 Responses
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Ralph Waldo Emerson is a distant relative of mine and, as such, I gladly post a special series of his poetic works. These poems speak of political and spiritual themes still prevalent today, over 100 years later. Kerry L Daley



Written by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I, Alphonso, live and learn,
Seeing Nature go astern.

Things deteriorate in kind;
Lemons run to leaves and rind;
Meagre crop of figs and limes;
Shorter days and harder times.

Flowering April cools and dies
In the insufficient skies.

Imps, at high midsummer, blot
Half the sun’s disk with a spot;
‘Twill not now avail to tan
Orange cheek or skin of man.

Roses bleach, the goats are dry,
Lisbonquakes, the people cry.

Yon pale, scrawny fisher fools,
Gaunt as bitterns in the pools,
Are no brothers of my blood
They discredit Adamhood.

Eyes of gods! ye must have seen,
O’er your ramparts as ye lean,
The general debility;
Of genius the sterility;

Mighty projects countermanded;
Rash ambition, brokenhanded;
Puny man and scentless rose
Tormenting Pan to double the dose.

Rebuild or ruin: either fill
Of vital force the wasted rill,
Or tumble all again in heap
To weltering Chaos and to sleep.

Say, Seigniors, are the oldNilesdry,
Which fed the veins of earth and sky,
That mortals miss the loyal heats,
Which drove them erst to social feats;

Now, to a savage selfness grown,
Think nature barely serves for one;
With science poorly mask their hurt;
And vex the gods with question pert,

Immensely curious whether you
Still are rulers, or Mildew?

Masters, I’m in pain with you;
Masters, I’ll be plain with you;
In mypalaceofCastile,
I, a king, for kings can feel.

There my thoughts the matter roll,
And solve and oft resolve the whole.
And, for I’m styled Alphonse the Wise,
Ye shall not fail for sound advice.

Before ye want a drop of rain,
Hear the sentiment ofSpain.

You have tried famine: no more try it;
Ply us now with a full diet;
Teach your pupils now with plenty,
For one sun supply us twenty.

I have thought it thoroughly over,
State of hermit, state of lover;
We must have society,
We cannot spare variety.

Hear you, then, celestial fellows!
Fits not to be overzealous;
Steads not to work on the clean jump,
Nor wine nor brains perpetual pump.

Men and gods are too extense;
Could you slacken and condense?
Your rank overgrowths reduce
Till your kinds abound with juice?

Earth, crowded, cries, ‘Too many men!’
My counsel is, kill nine in ten,
And bestow the shares of all
On the remnant decimal.

Add their nine lives to this cat;
Stuff their nine brains in one hat;
Make his frame and forces square
With the labors he must dare;

Thatch his flesh, and even his years
With the marble which he rears.

There, growing slowly old at ease
No faster than his planted trees,
He may, by warrant of his age,
In schemes of broader scope engage.

So shall ye have a man of the sphere
Fit to grace the solar year.



The Home With A Heart – A 59 word short story

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The Home With A Heart ©2007klw 

The home was simply immaculate, shouting “Hang Your Heart Here”. 

 Its spacious floor plan, beautiful blonde wood paneling, retro windows, and classic pink appliances beamed with nineteen sixties character.

 “I’ll take it.” she said, delighted by its vintage style and sunny charm, anxious to secure title.

 Off she drove, new home in tow happily holding its brand new heart.

©2007klw All Rights Reserved



May 15, 2011 - 2 Responses


It’s hard for me to say how I feel. 

My gut says “Go” but my head says “heel”

Don’t say what’s real 

God forbid! 

I don’t want you to know what I have to reveal. 


I ask 


As I ponder 

Can a child of earth be so filled with discomfort? 


About what hurts and what doesn’t 

   Over here and over yonder.


Disbeliefs ©  by Kerry L. Daley4/04 

All rights reserved.


Demolition Zone©

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Demolition Zone©

These days our moments are times of pure hell
Our hearts mashed to pieces, our pain shouts to tell

Our ears are not hearing the underlying tone
Of two hearts sadly racing to the demolition zone

When hands can not touch without searing the heart
of the poor burned up lovers right here yet far apart

Each time one heart escapes the charade
 of doom and gloom relationship brigade

It starts out hopeful with warmth for the dear
Then BAM, old memories appear

And the heart begins sizzling, painful words start to flow
Can’t stop without smashing this life that we know.

Kerry L Daley 9-05 all rights reserved.

Flesh, Soul, God, Earth©

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Flesh, Soul, God, Earth©

Forlorn and Free flowing
we work our way through time
of Flesh and Soul and God and Earth,
struggling to keep hold

Fruitful and Financial
can meld or never meet
but Flesh and Soul and God and Earth
are always at our feet

Love and Peace with Suffering
each day it seems to dawn
so Flesh and Soul and God and Earth
keep us breathing on

Thankful and Possessed
can quickly interchange
but Flesh and Soul and God and Earth
inspire us toward grace.

klw4/5/7 all rights reserved

You’re In There©

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You’re In There©

I’m here and you’re there

I’m free you seem unaware

You’re confined so I’m constrained

You’re in a cell and I’m in hell

Self detained Full of pain

Life is neither here nor there

When our embrace is blocked by glare

Small house with bars for doors or hardwood beauty in blue and white decor

Single cell or home plentiful

Solitude or solitary in pod Q

Sadness & madness wail

Separateness of man and female

Sorrow, guilt, forgiveness or anger, vengeance, sac-religious

Calm, serene or fully wacked, consider others or love gets cracked

Smile bright or Cry in flight

Fly away to a cave, Take my heart as your slave

Behave or Dig a grave

Play the game Oh Lion untamed

Take the plea or isolate un-free

Come home to me or sit stubbornly and scream

Loss of loving former life or Hugs and Kisses the entire night?

By Kerry L Daley 2-25-2006 all rights reserved